AFL v Aussie Rules – The Brand

Matt Zurbo takes a look at the effect television rights are having on the game of Aussie Rules and the far reaching name of ‘the Brand’

Is Duke the new TV frontier for the A-League in New Zealand?

Could the new free to air channel in New Zealand, ‘Duke’, offer increased coverage in the Shaky Isles for the Wellington Phoenix? Hamish Neal investigates.

Era, era on the wall; 2000-2010

Ahh the noughties. The game as we knew changed significantly as footy got as roof over its’ head and the era where totally professional football created some unwanted distractions for those easily led astray. Dynasties were created while other clubs went far and wide looking for salvation. Clubs or Regimes? Corporates or Fans? Jeff Dowsing gives us his review of footy in a new millennium in what has been a fantastic series.

Era, era on the wall; 1977-1986

Jeff Dowsing continues with his fantastic look at bygone football eras. Many think the 70s and 80s where the greatest in footy. Actually they nearly killed but ultimately saved football. A must read for students of the game.

Welcome to football’s industrial age

Does money buy happiness? Is the game better for the wads of broadcasting cash being thrown around? Jeff Dowsing looks at the transition of the AFL from a sport to an ‘industry’.

Boxing: A FTA Network Televised Comeback?

Boxing is returning to free-to-air television in the United States. Is promoter/manager Al Haymon Boxing’s Dark Lord, or someone to be thanked? Gregor Lewis gives us the lowdown.

Footy With the Sound Turned Down

It’s time for the AFL to stop building its empire and to return a bit of soul to the game, writes Andrew Starkie.


(or These here are crazy times Pt II) Like most knackers I’m loving Sam Steele’s time warp. It may have been at my mob’s expense, yet I envy Stainless’ uncanny recollections of Richmond’s path to glory, the characters, and the suburban fortresses of the day.  All I can remember of 1980 is the shattering Grand Final humiliation [Read more]