Beau Waters denouement

Beau Waters retired yesterday after 120 games over 12 seasons. Peter Baulderstone pays tribute to his favourite current day footballer. A good footballer but an off-field champ.

Phil Hughes

Callum O’Connor on how Phil Hughes’ tragic death has impacted the local cricketer.

Very small tribute

From the Doc, from Stewie, the Cowboy, Big Carl,  from Barcs, Plugger,  Harves and Nick. From the bottom of my grandson’s heart, who, when he sees a game of football, asks where’s Lenny.  It has been an pleasure  to watch you play, it has given so much enjoyment to all who have the luck to [Read more]

Jim Stynes and the triumph of idealism

  by Jonathan Rivett The problem with writing about someone you have never met is that your presumptions could so easily be wrong. Maybe what I’m about to say about Jim Stynes, who died on the morning of Tuesday the 20th of March, is incorrect. Maybe he was not much different from those who came [Read more]