The Whip Around

Heartfelt pleas have rung out across the nation.  From Fearless to Floreat Pica the Almanac has groaned  under the weight of concern about young Travis’s welfare, and its tragic consequences for Nathan’s stalled bid for beatification. Out here in the West we find it a little hard to understand all the drama.  Sure there’s money, [Read more]

Silver Buttons, Brass Bands and Hypocrisy

I’ve pretty much had a gutful of the hoopla that the brass band and silver button brigade of Chris Scott, Jimmy Bartel and Joel Selwood taking a joyride to the city of churches to speak to Travis Boak has brought about this week. Caro’s article in the wheezing broadsheet today just about made me vomit [Read more]

Licensed Grocery for Sale in Fremantle

Greetings to all as we celebrate the Queen’s Birthday, This week we have the first of a number of teams having a holiday as are we all on Monday, but it is now the time of year for clubs to have some serious decision making.  With free agency descending and daily updates on the saga, [Read more]