Almanac Cycling: Chapeau Jack

Australian Cyclist Jack Bobridge has retired, Dave Parker pays tribute to an extraordinary career.

Almanac Weekend Wrap

Missed the weekend scores? Catch up with our weekend wrap.

Almanac Cycling: From Track to Road to Rio and beyond

David Parker travels to Williamstown for the cycling and emerges with fresh hopes for his children’s sporting ambitions.

Almanac Cycling: The Austral – Australia’s oldest wheel race

David Parker reflects on the The Austral’s history while watching cyclists go round at Hisense Arena.

Almanac Cycling: Men’s Team Pursuit respond in NZ

David Parker is following the Men’s Team Pursuit for Gold in Rio 2016, this weekend was a significant step in their pursuit.

Almanac Cycling: A Rio Pursuit

David Parker is filming a documentary on the Australian Cycling Men’s Team Pursuit squad as they prepare for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Almanac Interview: David Griffin has a Beer with Shane Kelly Part 2

David Griffin continues his chat and beer with World Champion and Olympic Cyclist Shane Kelly. Part 2 covers World Championships and Olympic pursuits, an honest discussion on his Atlanta moment and its aftermath.

Almanac Cycling: Winning is not always defined by crossing the line first

Australian Cycling Coach Tim Decker’s effort in the Melbourne to Warrnambool Classic a personal victory. David Parker gives insight into his battle.

Allez Oppy, le phénomène

The first week of April will see the World Track Cycling Championships commence at Hisense Arena in Melbourne.  It may not get the coverage of yore – road cycling is riding the crest of a popular wave – but Australia once boasted a hero of the boards every bit as extraordinary as Cadel.  By common consensus, in the [Read more]