Round 17 – West Coast v Collingwood: My love-hate relationship with Friday night footy

There is wind from the southwest and a forecast maximum of 11 degrees Celsius in Melbourne. But for cathij66, after last night’s West Coast v Collingwood game, this Saturday feels a little more bleak.

Almanac Weekend Sports Results 10/7/16

If there are footy scores worth knowing about, you will find them here.

Almanac Cycling: Humble Australian Sporting Heroes

On sitting down to watch the Paris-Roubaix, Willow Wilson wasn’t expecting to discover a humble Aussie sporting champion. But that’s exactly what crossed the finish line first at the Roubaix velodrome

Tour de France Tragic

Parsimony admits after many bleary eyes and late nights that he is a Tour de France tragic.

Tour de France Stage 9 – Germany wins while Tony’s Gallopin into yellow

Dave Brown reviews Stage 9 of the Tour de France in the Vosges Mountains, and muses on the French Maginot Line and BT. He finds that neither has any defence.

To Be Or Not To Be … Yourself, in Defeat or Victory?

Gregor Lewis celebrates Wimbledon, Silverstone, the Tour de Yorkshire – and, above all, the human strength and courage to succeed. Greatness reached for and grasped. While in Brazil the fear of loss has subdued the beautiful game.

Cycling (and other disciplines): Ten rule changes to fix the Tour de France, as demanded by Mr A Bolt of Melbourne

Patrick O’Brien shakes up the Tour. Or, he has Andrew Bolt shake it up.

Parlez Vous Anglais?

Smokie Dawson (of SBS’s Tour de France coverage) had not realised the similarities between his family’s European holiday and that of the trail-blazing Griswalds. He’s proud to continue a fine tradition.

A Day At The Tour

The Dawson’s European Vacation is going just fine, if Chevy can get the kids off the i-pods and drive in a manner which keeps his poor wife sane. But it’s all for a good cause: to see The Tour live. [Great stuff, Smokie – Ed]

The Almanacker’s Lament (apologies to John O’Brien)

“We’ll all be rooned,” said Litza, In accents most forlorn, “This bloody Ratten shits ya, I wish he’d not been born.”


Cadel!   by Oscar O’Brien Year 4A, Gray St Primary, Hamilton, Victoria.     Did you hear about Cadel, racing through the Arc de Triomphe? He’s been in and out the papers for round about a month His teammates, friends and family think him a pretty nice bloke Don’t think any Aussie would think him [Read more]

A Sporting Weekend

Friday evening. I am on the footpath outside the North Fitzroy Arms on the phone to a Swedish car wrecker. The family Volvo has died. He has offered less than the value of the computer which we have recently had re-soldered so that the air-conditioner is not stuck on Saharan Gale. Max walks by chomping [Read more]

Cadel Evans victory: best Australian sporting achievement ever?

I don’t particularly like comparisons – they’re a bit of fun, but they don’t mean much. In the realm of sporting achievements so many achievements have merit and I reckon it’s better to appreciate all of them for what the are. There are many ways to become the subject of a trivia question – you [Read more]

Thriving on pain

They. Are. Freaks! Most all of them! I only started watching because of sleep problems. In the midnight, in the bush. And then I was interested, and then I was hooked. The cyclists of the Tour de France rolled and whirled across and up my telly every night. They pushed through pain, they went past [Read more]

A Heavenly Forum

Oppy and Mocky were chesting the bar, Looking down on the Tour from a heavenly star, “Doesn’t seem fair we’ve all fought so long, The Champs Elysee needs an Aussie Fair song.”   But things just don’t happen from man’s good intention, Just a small touch of luck – some divine intervention, So they called [Read more]

In the saddle with Cadel

About 1.00am, Saturday 16th July.   Someone is ringing the bejesus out of a cowbell in my lounge room. People are yelling, cheering – ‘Allez!’, ‘Vamos!’, ‘Go! Come on!!!’ Phil Liggett is talking to me. He mentions something about riders pushing themselves to the limit, this is what they train for, Le Tour at its [Read more]

Tour de Bush- and other places

The Tour de France is an event I look forward to every year. I adore the stunning scenery and it reminds me of the true joy of bike riding. Freedom and fresh air. It was one of my favourite childhood pastimes when growing up in country Victoria. Glorious independence on two wheels. I rode my [Read more]