Tom Wills Grave Restoration: The Guardian’s Article

Russell Jackson from The Guardian writes about the Tom Wills Grave Restoration Restoration, after spending the morning with the Almanac’s own Phil Dimitriadis. [Another sensitive piece – JTH]

Tom Wills Grave Restoration: A New Beginning

Tom Wills Grave has finally been restored. Phil Dimitriadis thanks the key people involved in this grand project and those that helped with financial support in a touching tribute. [The work of Phil in this project is not to be neglected, cheers to you Phil – Ed]

Tom Wills, Macca and Marius on Sunday morning

Marius Cuming talks with ABC Radio’s Macca on Sunday morning about Tom Wills, his grave restoration project, cricket and local weather.

Tom Wills Grave Restoration – Last Day Update!

It is the last day of the Tom Wills Grave Restoration Project… Check out how it has gone!

Tom Wills Project: Auction of rare book

As part of the Tom Wills grave restoration project Gareth Andrews has donated a copy of the wonderful and rare book Wills Way. We are auctioning it here on the site.

An Open Letter to Tom Wills

Marius Cuming has written an open letter to Tom Wills.