Almanac Music: Not Quite Bob – In our own backyard: Blokes

Trevor Blainey looks at some homegrown blokes in the ‘Not Quite Bob’ mould in his continuing series.

Almanac Music: Happy 80th birthday Bob!

What a fabulous way to celebrate Bob Dylan’s 80th birthday, a concert of Bob songs performed by Melbourne’s finest musicians and singers at the Memo Music Hall in St Kilda. May you stay forever young Bob!

Almanac Music: Twenty years old is “What rhymes with cars and girls”

Twenty years ago, another time and places, friends and acquaintances, some loved. ER bears his soul of times gone by as he relives “What Rhymes With Cars & Girls” by Tim Rogers and the Twin Set by replaying his story with his distinctive voice telling what those songs meant to him.

SANFL Grand Final – Port Adelaide v Sturt: see ya at the Arkaba

Dave Brown’s family has history at Port v Sturt Grand Finals. There’s nothing like a happy ending

Almanac Books: Gideon Haigh’s Stroke of Genius (and Gideon for dinner on Nov 23)

Gideon Haigh’s new book Stroke of Genius: Victor Trumper and the shot that changed cricket is out now. Read about the book. (Includes Catherine McGregor’s review.)

Come to dinner with Gideon Haigh on Nov 23.

Tex Perkins and Tim Rogers – Sat 29th Nov at the Memo Music Hall

Almanackers – Sunday 29th of November at The Memo Music Hall promises to be a grand event. After a decade apart, local legends Tim Rogers and Tex Perkins (author of a foreword in this year’s Footy Almanac) come together on the same stage for a cause close to their hearts… Legendary local footy club St Kilda [Read more]

AFL Round 22: Freo, give song heave ho before finals

And Greatness Is upon us…the 8 teams are now left to jockey for positions in the last round and history is made when for the first time ever when 10 teams miss out. Make the most of the finals opportunity or waste it at your peril… Speaking of Timmy Rogers and greatness how about Zeus [Read more]