Preliminary Final – Richmond v Geelong: The Pursuit of Mindfulness

John Green is trying to find calm, and be calm. Tough when your footy team is on the prowl.

Sugar! Don’t miss the fun and adventure at Tigerland.

Tony Hardy wrote this piece early in the season – but it was never published. He had something to say about how his Richmond are packaging game day and what it says about how the club understands itself. Where, he asks, is the football?

There is something simmering at Tigerland

Lunch with the boys is always something to look forward to. As with most groups there is much good natured ribbing and laughter. The “ribbing” is usually started by Nuf, a Tigers man. “The Cats will struggle this year,” he might say. “Don’t care,” Diesel might reply with a smirk.  “I can die happy.” “What [Read more]