Almanac Country Football: Wimmera Football League and the Nhill Football Club

Richard Davis takes us to Nhill in a thriving Wimmera footy environment for a game featuring the club he has supported for decades. That support has always been from afar; this was the first time Richard has ever watched them play in the flesh!

‘A multi nodal journey of discovery through the Wimmera.’ Discuss.

Roger Lowrey recently returned to the Wimmera, where he spent forty years of his working life. This is where his five-day road trip took him. [Beaut pics too – Ed]

Off Season Odyssey – Part 15: The World is Round

  The World Is Round.   The world is round. Drive far enough through any desert and you’ll find a river, or the ocean. I wake up beside what I later figure is the Wimmera River. A superb, muddy thing with no rush to it. The trout let me know they’re there, and I swim [Read more]