The Pre-Wrap Round XI

Mr Wrap on cheating footballers and footy clubs, cheating horse trainers (enough with the tautologies – Ed). And his usual sagacious advice on investing your hard-earned on the AFL Round XI results.

The Pre Wrap – Round VIII

Mr Wrap shares his Mortgage Busting; Investment Opportunity; Western Wonder and Wrap Roughy tips for Round VIII. Caveat emptor punters.

The Pre Wrap: Round VII

Mr Wrap has no sympathy for the round ball code having to play their GF in a shoe box (they’ve taken enough of our $’s). He offers his regular Mortgage Buster, WrROTR and WrIOOTR. Caveat emptor punters.

The Round V Pre Wrap: “Never hit a man with glasses, and never hit a drunk. As tempting as it might be.”

Mr Wrap is back with his Round V prognostications. Does this make his Striped Marvels good things over the Handbags at the Paddock that Grew tomorrow?

The Welcome Back Wrap

Mr Wrap is back with his learned prognostications on the Round 1 games; Season 2015 and all things sport.

The Grand Final Pre Wrap

Mr Wrap has seen every Grand Final since Jock McHale and Checker Hughes were coaching, so it is worth noting the advice of our sage tipster.

The Pre Wrap: Semi Final Weekend

Mr Wrap runs the ruler over the AFL semis and finds the favourites frail and fallible. He has scoured the nation for the sound of a happy team singing “Tigerland” and brings you his Mid Gippsland GF report from Mirboo North.

The Pre Wrap: Finals Week 1

The Long Suffering Pre Rap Faithful are all on board the Tiger Train to the City of Churches for Sunday matins. Mr Wrap shares his wisdom and experience about the Finals outcomes, but tips the Tigers anyway.

The Toyota Pre Wrap: AFL Round 23

Mr Wrap previews Round 23; his Tigers finals campaign; and announces his new commercial partners for Wrap 2015.

The Pre Wrap for Round XXII: The Penultimate Round of the Home & Away Series for 2014

The Wrap comes up with a new angle on improving the Great Game and offers his insights into the crucially finals-shaping Round XXII.

The Pre Wrap – AFL Round XV – The view from the Old Dart

Mr Wrap has fled Punt Road (no long suffering for him) and is spending his winter as Bernie Tomic’s psychoanalyst in the Old Dart. He has not forsaken his loyal readers and shares his wisdom on all sporting matters.

The Pre-Wrap: AFL Round Ten

Tiger traditionalist and tragic (is there a difference?) Mr Wrap offers his tips for Round 10. He is too distressed at Saturday and Monday’s events at the Paddock that Grew to offer his usual philosophical discourse.

AFL Round 7 – The Pre Wrap

Mr Wrap previews Round 7 and surveys the wreckage of the AFL succession; the 2 win teams and his Toothless Tigers (sorry Striped Marvels – Ed).

The Pre-Wrap: The Round they took the Bombers down

The Wrap looks at the week that was and the weekend that is.

AFL Round 11: The Pre-Wrap

It’s management paralysis in the Longroom, writes The Wrapster. As you were then.

AFL Round 7: The Pre-Wrap

Unleash the Geisch, cries The Wrap. (Surely not only because of his financial investment in the bumper stickers bearing the same slogan?)

AFL Round 2: The pre-Wrap

The Wrap previews the Mick and Eddie Cup Round and makes the Lions a good thing while possibly mozzing The Moggies.

The Pre Wrap – Round VI

by John Mosig FOR THE PHILOSOPHICAL MARNGROOK FAN What a week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  The Gnomes in the Bowels of Jellymont House have extracted $1.253 billion from the broadcasters for the Ayatollah’s next five-year plan.  We haven’t heard from the Oval Office yet but Sydney’s Dual Brownlow Medallist has put his hand up [Read more]

The Pre-Wrap: Round V

FOR THE PHILOSOPHICAL MARNGROOK FAN What a week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  Lots of hype around the place.  The Dawes ruling was one that caught our eye.  Down at the old BGS – and remember, so dogged in defeat, that’s where they learn to play the game – they call that one ‘the look [Read more]


FOR THE PHILOSOPHICAL MARNGROOK FAN by John Mosig What a week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  Home bodies & gardeners are up in arms that their favourite show has had to make way for the Collingwood-Carlton Blockbuster.  Handy for the kids of course, but what’s the problem?  Doesn’t everyone tape the match, stay away from [Read more]