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The Ashes are safe, but there’s much to play for. The Oval beckons. Tell us what you think folks.

The Ashes 1989 – Sixth Test scrapbook

The Ashes tour of 1989 featured six Test matches. Australia was ahead 4-0 going into the Sixth Test at The Oval. Here is David Wilson’s final scrapbook of that famous 1989 Tour; articles collected as a 14-year-old.

2019 Cricket World Cup – Australia v Sri Lanka: Not pretty, but it does the trick

Australia continued their World Cup campaign with another imperfect win against Sri Lanka, as Sean Mortell details the problems the Aussies need to fix if they are to go deep into the tournament

The Ashes 2015 – Fifth Test, Day 4: Farewells and awkward celebrations

Sean Mortell delivers his take on Day 4 at The Oval; on what proved to be the final day of a topsy-turvy series. [Wonderful perseverance, Sean – Ed].

The Ashes 2015 – Fifth Test Day Three: Siddling into action

Sean Mortell watched day three of the final Ashes test, with Peter Siddle’s unerring accuracy proving a highlight.

The Ashes 2015 – Fifth Test, Day Two: Mirror Image

Sean Mortell reckons we have seen this all before, except this time it’s the English middle order that’s collapsing.

The Ashes 2015 – Fifth Test, Day 1: Too Little Too Late

Australia perform well on Day 1 of the 5th Test but, as Sean Mortell explains, it’s a little too late as The Urn is safely in England’s hands.

49 questions on a Tuesday

How many cabs in New York city? How many questions can a Tuesday carry? Footy, cricket, life… Got any answers?

Fifth Test – Day 4: Rain

Rain on Smokie Dawson’s parade made him angry, so he has listed ten things about the English team which annoy the hell out of him (and without mentioning KP!).

Fifth Test – Day 2: Smith stands up in swinging London as the Poms scrap to stay in the match

Smith puts Australia in a good position but the story of the second innings is the wasting by Australia of the new ball. The visitors are playing with intent to win but there are three days ahead and twenty wickets remain to be taken.

Fifth Test – Day 1: Watson takes chance, will Smith take his?

Smith has batted well for his 66, huge opportunity for him on Day 2 to go on and get a really big score instead of getting out after doing the hard work like he seems to do.

Ashes Diary 2013, entry no.5

Australia has led on the first innings in three of the four Tests, yet trails 3-0. The beauty and bear of Test cricket is the five day bit. Australia need to last the journey.