Getting off at Cubbie Station

Economist Alistair Watson with some thoughts on foreign investment, food production and water. [Al will be at Anson Cameron’s dinner tonight – Thursday]

Tremendous review of The Last Pulse

This book just keeps getting excellent reviews – and this one is entertaining as well.

Les Everett’s Tops in 2014 series

Les Everett is a friend of football, and a friend of the Almanac. He loves all the good stuff in life. Each year he invites people to contribute their Best of the Year across various categories for his website

Here’s mine.

The Last Pulse – by Anson Cameron, launched by John Harms

The Last Pulse is a seriously good novel. Don’t be distracted by the fact it is so enjoyable to read. It is, at the same time, a work of considerable literary merit. It’s Noah meets the Odyssey meets Ned Kelly meets Jesus Christ meets Bob Katter meets A.D. Hope. It was my pleasure to say a few words at the recent launch.