Almanac Life (and the Rick Darling Dinner): Community

Andy Thurlow attended the Almanac dinner for Rick Darling at The Clubhouse in Tanunda last night to find himself in the midst of a very rich community.

Almanac Footy: Around the grounds of the Ovens and Murray League

As a kid, Peter Clark was often dragged around to the big contests of the Ovens and Murray League. From memories of Murray Weideman to three quarter time speeches at Wodonga’s Martin Park, Peter brings back the highlights of a terrific competition in his own eyes.

Vale Bill McVeigh

Bill McVeigh died on Boxing Day after a short illness. He was a great friend and supporter of the Almanac.

Almanac Life: Footy Almanac Vernacular

Is there such a thing as Footy Almanac vernacular, that is, a particularly Footy Almanac way of talking and writing, especially in relation to how Almanackers respond to posts on the website? KD discusses this question.

Almanac (Footy) Meditation: My Left Foot

Each year, The Footy Almanac includes a piece by a footy-loving muso. This piece by Paul Kelly was penned for the first-ever Footy Almanac in 2007.

Round 5 – Brisbane v Essendon: A wet and dismal night in Brisbane for the Dons

Rod Oaten was shocked to turn on his TV and see a waterlogged Gabba awaiting his Dons. It didn’t get much better, as he was left dispirited by Essendon’s performance against the firing Lions.

The Footy Almanac 2007 – Ladder after Round 11

Although the current season is finally back, don’t forget to keep track of the Footy Almanac’s glimpse back at the 2007 season. After 11 rounds, here is how the ladder stands.

The Footy Almanac 2007 Round 6 – Essendon v Hawthorn: The Buddy show slams the hapless Bombers

Vin Maskell went to the MCG for some Saturday arvo footy. With the game teetering each way, it was Lance Franklin who put on a heroic performance to push his Hawks to victory.

#AuthorsForFireys auction – a full set of Footy Almanacs 2007-2019

We are offering a full set of The Footy Almanac (2007-2019) for auction with all proceeds going to the firefighters. Please get involved.

The 2019 Grantland Rice Cup

Earl O’Neill scans the footy writing landscape for writers he likes to read. He’s found he has to dig deep.

Co-Ordinator Col Calling: Something bugging you? Let it out, here!

Got a gripe or bug bear you want to get off your chest? Why not write about it here on The Footy Almanac, Co-ordinator Col would love to hear from you.

Almanac Book Review – The Women’s Footy Almanac 2018: Women still doing it for themselves

Women are doing it for themselves, writes Cheryl Critchley in her review of The Women’s Footy Almanac 2018. Kudos to the whole Almanac community who helped realise this project, with a special shout out to editors Kasey Symons and Yvette Wroby and publisher John Harms.

The Oasis

Old Dog loves the game, always has. Some things around the AFL, he doesn’t love so much. Here he highlights his oasis in a desert of opprobrium, our Footy Almanac.

Football and Passion: The inspiring story of Barry Anderson

Passion and footy go hand in hand for Yoshi – and for all of us really, but the story of AFL Indonesia’s Development Director, Barry Anderson, got him thinking about chasing your football dreams.

The 2018 Grantland Rice Cup

Earl O’Neill on newspapers, websites and sports journalism, plus his thoughts on the upcoming Round of AFL matches.

Almanac Writing Competition – Sport. Write from the heart: #almanac280

Step right up, writers, thinkers. And enter the #almanac280 competition. Write your best story inspired by our tagline “Sport. Write from the heart.” In 280 characters or less. Enter here.

We have a winner. [Check out our other post]

End of financial year book sale including the daily double

Buy one of the books on offer and get a copy of The Footy Almanac for free.

Or for a short time you can get three Footy Almanacs (any editions) for $40.

Big Things are Afoot at The Footy Almanac (With thanks to Bill and Ted)

We’re gearing up for some exciting developments at the Almanac, and it all kicks off tomorrow (Wednesday).

Season 2015 – Wanna Volunteer with the Almanac?

The Almanac wants you. Read on…

Steve Hooker the Olympic highlight for Harms

Harms set tongues wagging with his comment on Offsiders that Steve Hooker was his Olympics highlight, saying instead of withdrawing with “injury”, Hooker faced his demons in the glare of the world spotlight, showing a “magnificent nobility”. Some words from Harms: I knew this choice of moment was FWD (fraught with danger). And the two [Read more]