Round 5 – Port Adelaide v Geelong: Apathy on the field leads to apathy off it, and the death of the bump

For Chris Michaels, the reaction to Lindsay Thomas’ bump on Scott Selwood was overwrought – unlike the reaction of the Port faithful, who were decidedly disengaged compared to their Footy Park days

The Bump is dead…long live The Bump (but for how long?)

It’s an important component of footy and when executed well, draws adulation from fans, coaches and commentators alike. When it’s executed poorly, the bump is a problematic action with severe consequences. What does the future look like for the bump?

Pitch drops, Torps and Bumps

Longworth thinks the bump is slowly dying, just like the torp.

Yabba (from the cheap seats), part 3: Spiritual leaders, give me a break

Yabba’s back, once again calling a spade a bloody shovel. Mind you, he has a point (or four).

The Bump is alive

The bump hasn’t hit the wall and it isn’t dead. Round seven was filled with bumps that left players injured. The hysteria is astounding, because James Kelly deserved to get suspended.