Almanac Life: The value of a smile when life is a big issue

‘Over ten years, what started as a business transaction between us has morphed into something that can’t be costed. And demonstrates once again the powerful conduit of sport in the priceless act of human connection.’ Tess Pryor shares with us her poignant experiences with Craig, one of the characters of Lygon St.

Almanacker in The Big Issue Fiction Issue

David Wilson (E.Regnans to you) has been chosen from 400 submissions to be one of 12 authors published in the Big Issue fiction edition. Do yourself (and the vendor) a favour and buy a copy, while its on sale to next Thursday.

Almanackers take on the Big Issue

  by Vin Maskell It looks like there are two Almanackers in the current edition of The Big Issue. Andrew Starkie has a story set in Warrnambool in the mid 1980s called Pick Your Battles, about school-bullying and boxing lessons from Dad. Not sure if it’s already been published on the Almanac site. Here’s how [Read more]