Almanac Golf and Community: Stuck in a bunker: how the reaction to the Northcote Golf Course proposal exposes golf’s need to sell itself to the community

‘In many of our major cities, there is a push to repurpose public golf courses as parks.’ Joseph Ryan engages in a constructive discussion to assess the future options for golf courses and golf clubs.

Yoshi – My response to Scott Watters on Herald Sun’s Sacked Podcast

Yoshi takes exception to negative commentary on his beloved St Kilda. He also has a distinct preference when it comes to Melbourne newspapers!

Michael Gleeson Article on Justin Westhoff’s Business

Michael Gleeson has written an interesting article in today’s Age on Justin Westhoff’s business based in the Barossa Valley. Let us know your thoughts about post-footy transitions and sustainability.

The 2018 Grantland Rice Cup

Earl O’Neill on newspapers, websites and sports journalism, plus his thoughts on the upcoming Round of AFL matches.

Women’s Footy – Bud Breakfasts and the Shifting Horizons of Girls

Saturday morning breakfast at the Wilson’s. In 2014 and 2018. The newspaper is a constant. The conversation, and the back page, have changed. E.regnans with a poignant piece on the growing stature of Women’s footy. Especially in the eyes of his two daughters.

Emma Quayle: A Giant Success

Deakin student Marnie Cohen interviewed GWS recruiter and former Age journalist Emma Quayle about her journey in footy. [This is a truly fascinating interview – MNQ].

Anna Pavlou in The Age

Anna Pavlou remembers the atmosphere of being at Kardinia Park as a kid watching her Cats play Aussie Rules in this piece that was first published in The Age.

An open letter of humble thanks to Martin Flanagan

David Wilson has put into words the essence of what many of us are feeling with this letter of thanks to Martin Flanagan. No doubt we all have a Martin Flanagan story. No doubt we all feel a sense of gratitude, and loss.

A tiny window into The Age might reveal quite a bit

John Harms received this email from The Age earlier this week. He’s trying to make sense of it. What would you tell the Age?

A family full of Merrett

An inspiring read about Zach and Jackson Merrett’s family especially their mother’s battle with MS.

Women’s Footy News

Women’s Footy News will bring you any interesting bits and pieces about the game, links to articles by some of our writers or events that may interest Almanac.

Four reasons why South Australians and Tasmanians (and probably Western Australians) were annoyed by the MCG BBL crowd

To great fanfare, Victorian media declared the Stars v Renegades crowd of 80,000 the incontrovertible victory of Big Bash League in the Australian community. Dave Brown on why Sandgropers, Croweater and Taswegians were less than impressed.

Asian Cup 2015: The Story You Didn’t See

From Soccer blog ‘Shoot Farken’: A brilliant and thought-provoking piece on the media narrative surrounding the Asian Cup, which has been in marked contrast to the Australian Open tennis coverage.

Last with Sport? – Give us footy…in print

Steve Alomes has read newspapers all of his life. When he buys the Melbourne Age he expects the Melbourne Age, not the Bendigo Age. What is going on?

Stevie J: You need friends in the media at the tribunal

Freo fan Neil Belford is sick of The Age stories defending gutless “heroes”. Johnson irons out a defenceless player; Harvey punches his tagger; but the story is Crowley pinching? He’s not happy.

Bye, bye beloved Age broadsheet: now only The Oz is left

Tomorrow will be a miserable one for many old journos, lamenting the down-sizing of a beloved daily broadsheet into a humdrum tabloid.