Almanac Economics: The politics and economics of the Tassie Devils

Eminent Economist Professor Tim Harcourt (UTS) explains the economics of the Tassie Devils footy team and its required stadium, and considers the political implications of the situation.

Almanac Footy Opinion: It’s time…for a Tassie team in the AFL

In this piece (first published at The Conversation),Tim Harcourt argues the case for a Tasmanian football team to join the AFL.

The Muse: Thoughts of an AFL restructure on a perfect winter’s day

The Muse can see the (necessary) future of the AFL competition: two conferences. This is what happens when the virus agrees that Melbourne is the world’s most livable city. [More creative thinking from Hayden Kelly – Ed]

A Forgotten Isle – The State of Football in a ‘Football State’

Jack Banister spoke to some key players in Tasmanian footy on the current situation and the future for the code.