Weekend at Burnie’s Neighbour (Wynyard)

Five brave blokes, and two even braver women, met up at Melbourne Airport last Friday morning with one aim in mind. To cross the ditch between Victoria and Tasmania, and track down a legendary beast said to have roamed Van Diemen’s Land for many a long year but which hadn’t been seen for almost as [Read more]

Loose Thylacines Everywhere

Last Friday night we were driving back to Bill (The Phantom) Walker’s weekend shack in the Rocky Cape National Park on the northwest coast of Tasmania. It was about 9.15pm. We’d been to the Tasmanian launch of the 2011 Footy Almanac at the Wynyard Football Club and were taking things easy, this being our first [Read more]

Will this be Wynyard’s year?

Round 1 – Wynyard vs Smithton First game day is always exciting. There is a gnawing feeling inside and no matter what has happened in the past you believe that this could be your year. The only problem with that is that all the other club’s connections have the same feeling. I had changed my [Read more]


Friday 1 June to Sunday 3 June Join John Harms and other intrepid Almanackers for a weekend in North West Tasmania  


By Peter Argent While the famed Festival Fringe had many acts playing around the Adelaide CBD on Saturday evening, February 25, at the home of SA sport, there was plenty of theatre as well. For South Australia they had a Doctor who was trying prove he still had what it takes to impact for his [Read more]

New Norfolk and all who sail with her

IN TASMANIA   In Tasmania the New Norfolk Eagles are a football enigma.   Last Saturday they were striving for a three-peat, which had never previously been achieved by the club. In fact back-to-back only occurred last season, such is the sporadic nature of their premierships.


Matty Richardson is known to the people on the ridge. To every one of us. When he was in his prime – fast, unstoppable, winning matches, splitting packs, dominating the air- one of the kids from up here got cancer. Denis was the oldest of six, from a battler’s family, up in the cold drizzle [Read more]

Pre-season in the Tassie mountains

Last night was a good one. Everything that’s great about Tasmania, the Wild West down South. I’d missed my team’s last practice match and needed a run, so drove up to the mountains of Scotsdale, where a bush league was having a pre-season lightning Comp, and whored myself to the first team who needed me. [Read more]

Tassie Launch – Wynyard Footy Club

A grand time was had by all at the Tasmanian launch of the 2010 Almanac. Here are some snapshots of the event.   Paul Daffey and Bill Walker   Tim Lane and a friend   Paul Daffey and retro Wynyard Guernsey

Local Footy: Little Lions roar in Tassie Midlands grand final

By Daryl Sharpen About an hour’s drive north of Hobart is the town of Oatlands, in the Tasmanian Midlands. In a long forgotten past it served as a carriage stop for travellers as they made their way north or south in a penal colony known as Van Diemen’s Land. It is generally considered to be [Read more]

General Footy Writing: Do you hear the people meters sing?

By Tony Wilson Does anyone feel like storming the Bastille with me? Honestly, I’m up for it. We’d meet at Parliament House, say hello to all the principled protesters like the anti-desalination plant mob and the protect-old-growth-forests lot, and then walk down Bourke Street arm-in-arm, chanting, ‘Hey hey, ho ho, a team in West Sydney [Read more]

State-level Footy: Clarence player flashes into Tassie footy folklore

By Bill Walker With the current Ute Gate affair taking national headlines away from Tasmania, where a Labor minister recently  fell on her sword simply for employing her mother and two sisters without considering due process, a southern Tasmanian footballer has taken the initiative to steal the headlines back where they belong — and flash [Read more]