Round 11 – North Melbourne v Richmond: Seventy points, three stretchers and plenty of questions

After a dismal Tiger performance in Hobart, Paddy Grindlay can see it coming. You know what it is.

Round 4 – Hawthorn v St Kilda: The Spirit of Tasmania

St Kilda and Hawthorn have a shared history with Tasmania, the battle for 41 degrees south and Gareth Meyer’s Hawks take the points in an unconvincing manner.

Round 15 – Fearless 2015: For the Crows, a brave return to the field of dreams.

A big week in footy – as always – with the highlight for many the recognition shown to the gallant Adelaide players as they left Domain Stadium after the loss to the Eagles. Fearless also reckons it’s about time for more blockbuster footy in Tasmania.

Round 15 – Hawthorn v Fremantle: Seventh heaven (and the return of Peter Hudson)

A big win to the Hawks, and a chance meeting with a genuine legend of the game in Peter Hudson; Molly and Sasha Lennon make their annual trek to Launceston to watch Hawthorn deal with fellow 2015 premiership contender, Fremantle.

Summer Fields

Bert Spinks shares his love of abandoned Tassie footy grounds in majestic surroundings – ” in remembering what has passed, my gratitude is renewed for what there is now”. (Sheer poetry -Ed.)

AFL Round 22 – North Melbourne v Adelaide: Free settlers play without conviction in Van Diemen’s Land

In a finals like match for the Adelaide Crows, duffer watches on hoping that his Crows can secure their spot in September in unlikely Tasmanian territory.

AFL Round 17 – North Melbourne v St Kilda – The Dal Santo-Delaney Medal

Rob Chanter glories in being lost in a sea of Blue and White in Tassie, tasting Cygnet curried scallop pies and finding his ‘temporarily’ lost boys. Is it better to shelter from the wind or the rain at Bellerive?

Coarse Cricket Comes To Tassie

Geoff Lockhart opens the batting on a series of yarns about local cricket in Northern Tasmania. Why is a good fridge always more important than a good opening batsman?

Gone to the Dogs

Daryl Sharpen might have gone to the dogs, but he witnessed the special feat of legendary trainer EA (Teddy) Medhurst leading in 7 winners from 11 starters. Phenomenal. And Dazza may have had a small interest in their success.

AFL Round 17 – Hawthorn v Western Bulldogs: Little wins

Once you accept that your team is crap, you need to look at its games in a different way in order to sustain yourself and your sanity through the long, winless periods. Dogs fans need to find little wins within losses, even within big losses.

AFL Round 17 – Hawthorn v Western Bulldogs: Shades Of Grey

The footy landscape has irrevocably changed – be it the AFL, VFL or VFA – but some constants remain, writes Armin Richter from Box Hill City Oval.

AFL Round 14 – Hawthorn v Brisbane: Tassie turns on Hawks

The Phantom speaks: When Tassie football poo-bah attacks Hawthorn, he deserves all that comes his way.

AFL Round 14 – Hawthorn v Brisbane Lions: Some undies have all the luck

Despite the winter Launceston day, Adam Muyt chose to forego his extra thermals and plumped for his lucky Royboy undies instead. Well, they were lucky earlier this century.

AFL Round 14 – Hawthorn v Brisbane: A lovers’ tiff

Tasmania wants more from its partnership with Hawthorn, while Buddy’s long-term relationship with his club may also be on the rocks. Is it something in that famous Tasmanian water causing all this consternation?

Max Hardacre and the clearance wrangle

Neale Hardacre recalls the battle of his father Max, a Tasmanian league player and coach, to return to the club of his youth for his final years. Max’s career highlights also feature brushes with death, the football elite, and a pig invasion.

The Phantom speaks

Fresh from a rare trip to the mainland and an even rarer trip to the G, the Phantom offers some homespun wisdom on Geelong’s impact on this year’s flag.

AFL Round 3 – North Melbourne v Sydney: ‘Appy about a win

Swans fan Tom Bally would resist all temptation to check his phone for an update on Saturday, preferring to watch the recorded version later. Well, that was the plan.

Rules is rules – the lighter side

When Phantom hears of an appeal by the Ulverstone footy club against the result of the 1975 grand final result, he heads straight to the oracle of the Wynyard Footy Club to put his mind at ease.

Friday footy is a beautiful thing

Friday Footy is a Beautiful Thing.   I finished work not long after sunset, watching the moon wobble up from, then across, the mountains. It was almost full, but not, as if someone had dropped it on its head. As I came down the logging tracks into the valley, towards the nearest farms, that lead [Read more]

A family day out

North Melbourne versus West Coast Eagles My sister, Anne, has taken the family down to Hobart for the weekend. It’s the Cadbury Factory in the morning and footy at Bellerive in the arvo. Brother-in-law, Dean, has pulled a few strings and they’ll be in the rooms after the game. Lukey’s been practising the theme song [Read more]