The Accident At Tashi Lapsa Pass

Originally posted in serialised form through late January, here is Louise Currie’s Accident at Tashi Lapsa Pass in its entirety.

The Accident At Tashi Lapso Pass, Part Three: Rescue In A Doko

In part two Lakpa Sherpa and his team desperately began to improvise a way to get Louise off the Ngole glacier. In part three, Louise recalls some of the most harrowing moments of her ordeal.

The Accident at Tashi Lapso Pass, Part Two: Stranded in Ngloe

Part two of The Accident at Tashi Lapso Pass. With her leg seriously broken, Louise, Lakpa Sherpa and Nima attempt to find a way off the Ngole glacier to safety.

The Accident at Tashi Lapso Pass: Part One – The Accident

Part one of Louise Currie’s story of how a trek to the Tashi Lapso Pass in Kathmandu went horribly wrong. [Warning: not for the overly squeamish – Ed]