Almanac Cricket: 2021 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup team announced

The Australian squad for this year’s ICC Men’s T20 World Cup has been announced. Unsurprisingly, there have been several changes after recent disasters against West Indies and Bangladesh.

ICC Women’s T20 World Cup – England, South Africa and India qualify for finals, but which of Australia and New Zealand will join them?

We already know three of the four semi-finalists, now it’s down to the historic sporting rivals and neighbours, Australia and New Zealand for the remaining spot – Liam Hauser looks over recent clashes in the T20 Women’s World Cup.

Almanac Cricket: A hot, sweaty tri-series & Canberra’s summer of cricket.

We’ve got an old-fashioned tri-series underway at the moment, with Australia taking on both India and England in women’s T20. Max Wiggins has been in prime position to take it all in and shares his thoughts on a long hot summer in our nation’s capital.

Sport as Entertainment – 5: Case Studies

Stainless has argued the trend of major sport is becoming predominantly a form of mass entertainment, and in this article he takes cricket and soccer – and analyses how each has changed in Australia in line with these trends.

Almanac Baseball: The Sweet Spot

Brian looks at the recent trend of elevated batting in baseball. He also looks at the change in batting styles T20 has introduced to cricket.

The death and births of ODIs

As T20 cricket continues to eclipse its 50-over cousin, Crankypete fondly remembers the first birth of ODI cricket.

Chris Gayle: Hitting across the line, or colouring only between them?

Michael Viljoen views the recent Chris Gayle incident, selecting a lens which offers an alternative view to the orthodoxy established by other lenses.

Crio’s Question: Is T20 good for the game?

Crio has spotted a truism developing and throws us this one to consider. Is T20 really good for the game?

An open letter from the residents of Canberra to Kevin Pietersen

KP’s popularity rating should have him ideally suited to a stint in Canberra. The locals have their reservations however…

Call a six a six

Sean Curtain is not immune to change. He can move with the times. Just last night, he downloaded his first app. But what was so wrong with calling a six a six?

Musings on Pork Chops, Legends and the State of Cricket

Stainless Steele has his own thoughts on pork chops and other meaty matters.

Prepare to Scream

I went to the T20 match between Australia and England on Friday night at the MCG. On the train going in from Merri (where the MCG’s centre wicket once came from) I looked at the plastic card-ticket on the lanyard that hung around my neck. It had a barcode, and a clear warning that no [Read more]