Almanac (Footy) History: Syd Jackson in Canberra

Plenty of footy fans have shared their love this week for Carlton premiership player, Wongi man and Indigenous team of the century member Syd Jackson – Laurie Laffan adds that years after Syd hung up the boots for the Blues, he played a role in ACT footy.

Almanac (Indigenous) Footy History: Syd Jackson and the 2020 Sir Doug Nicholls Round

It’s Sir Doug Nicholls Round and this post includes links to various articles and videos about Syd Jackson and the broader history of Indigenous football and footballers in Australia. (Articles by Sean Gorman, Roy Hay, Mike Sexton, Rod Gillett)

SANFL Blow-ins 1960-1990 Part 3: Glenelg

With Glenelg winning the 2019 SANFL Grand Final, we re-visit Swish Schwerdt’s look at players who had a stint at the Bays.

One of the biggest names in Australian football (along with several obscure ones) appears in this next instalment of Swish’s list of Glenelg interstate interlopers during the SANFL’s black and golden years.

50 years on – a perspective on the moon landing: An epic journey of biblical proportion, but did it really happen?

Who do we believe? Michael Viljoen presents his compelling arguments with regards to the conclusiveness of historical events, asserting their believability is within the recorded evidence.

Almanac Lunches: Syd Jackson, you star! And Andrew Rule on Friday (June 7).

Syd Jackson was a wonderful guest at lunch last Friday (May 31) and we are looking forward to hearing from Andrew Rule this Friday (June 7). I wonder whether Her Majesty has rung Andrew today?

The Odd Friday Lunch – Syd Jackson: Friday 31st May @ 1.05pm, North Fitzroy Arms Hotel

Former Carlton great, Syd Jackson will be the guest speaker at the next Odd Friday Lunch, this Friday 31st May @ 1:05pm at the North Fitzroy Arms Hotel.

Fitzroy, Old Melburnians, Collingwood, Richmond: bandaids don’t fix bulletholes

E.regnans beautifully summarises and celebrates Old Fitzroy, new Fitzroy, old Melbourne and old money, alongside the new AFL match-day experience. Also: includes Taylor Swift reference and video (ping: The People’s Elbow)