Round 8 – Sydney v Hawthorn: One of those Saturdays

Jan Courtin is restless. It’s the nature of her universe at the moment – and The Universe generally. She listens to music. And she watches her Swans. Both are uplifting.

Round 4 – Sydney v Melbourne: Change, and the challenges ahead

Jan Courtin and her husband, Marshall, travel to Sydney to watch their beloved Sydney Swans play against the Melbourne Demons. Jan reflects on the inevitable changes in her football team and life itself.

Round 19 – Essendon v Sydney: No Magic Wand

Joe Moore weaves a tale of footy, friendship and other wizardly things, even though his Swans have a tough night in Melbourne.

Round 13 – Sydney v West Coast: If anyone can beat them, we can!

Jan Courtin is basking in the glory of a great win by the Swans.

Almanac Footy – A Tipster’s Retrospective from the Smokers’ Lounge

Earl O’Neill plays free and loose with this Round 4 retrospective, coping with everything from the unorthodox orthodoxy of Whoosha to the absurdities of the latest high rotation ad from AAMI.

Onwards to Victory!

The Sydney Swans amazing run into this years final has given Jan Courtin cause to burst into verse. Jan’s piece was originally posted on the Swan’s website on 1 September.

The GB Swans – An eventful semi-final week 

Despite their semi-final loss to Ireland, the GB Swans have been having a ball in and around Melbourne, including trips to Katie Brennan’s gym, an evening with the Suburban Footballer and a visit to Princes Park.

AFLM Round 9 – St Kilda v Sydney: The Siren’s Call couldn’t come early enough

Yvette Wroby’s Round 7 experience was book-ended by time at the St Kilda Social Club selling ‘Siren’s Call’. She got to meet other fans and enjoy speaking up on the stage. The game itself for Saints supporters – wah!

Round 7 – Sydney v Brisbane: Perchance to dream

Ian Latham needed a Swans win; not to get them into the finals, but to restore some pride.


The Philby is anticipating the start of the footy season.

Grand Final 2016 – Sydney v Western Bulldogs: The lonely walk out of the MCG

A Swans fan living in Melbourne’s west: Craig Dodson’s grand final experience.

A lot of love for Buddy

When Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin stepped away from footy last season due to an ongoing mental health condition, fans across the country wondered if we would ever see him in full flight again. Nick says we need not have worried.

Time to reload 2016 with the Monkey

After a gloomy start to 2016, David Parker raises hope that the year of the monkey will reset his year.

Round 2 – Port Adelaide v Sydney: A slow and painful death

The Swans give Port the anaconda treatment writes Chris Michaels.

AFL Round 22 – Geelong v Sydney: Friendly Hoodoo and Garage Tales

James Demetrie has to earn enough points in the garage, and then overcome the Frank and Jennie factor. But it’s worth it in the end.

AFL – Round 4: The 2013 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup

Perched high in the SCG Members’ Stand, Earl O’Neill watched the Sparkies dismantled by the Pivotonians Premiership Quarter.

The Way-Too-Early 2013 Preview: Sydney

You never feel comfortable betting against the Swans, because when the pressure is on, few are better.

Swans are live

With the Sydney Swans experiencing a somewhat unseen resurgence it feels appropriate to mention another bunch of Swans also making their own understated comeback this year. Born in the bowels of NYC in the early ‘80’s the band Swans, led by Michael Gira, have been unleashing their genre-defining sound on the world for thirty years [Read more]

Thinking back on the U12s

BY – JACKSON CLARK After recently helping out with some coaching of a local U12s Darwin Juniors side, it made me reminisce of the times when I was running around on those modified grounds. I played juniors for a side called the Sanderson Swans between the ages of seven and 11. Our team was made [Read more]

The footygods: Eileithyia

  by Ian Latham Birth is a big thing. I’ve seen blokes cry talking about the birth of their kids. My wife did more than cry when giving birth to our kids. The ancient greeks had a goddess for birth called Eileithyia. She was also the goddess for labour pain, perhaps to show that you [Read more]