Of Tiger lovers and Taiko drummers

Alex Darling explores Taiko drumming and the tribal connection with Richmond FC.

Crio’s Question: Which other team best fits your AFL team?

Crio wonders which teams from other sports best align with those of our AFL? While it’s off season for the AFL, there’s plenty of supporting to do.

The Shouter from the Shore

A triathlon can be very trying – especially for a mother shouting encouragement to her son. Clare Cannon debriefs.

Supporter stereotypes

We all know Collingwood supporters are criminals, but what other supporter stereotypes are out there? Glen needs your help.

Test suspensions – a classic example of logic vs emotion in following sport

The homework ban represents the classic dilemma of sport, where logic and emotion clash. Sean Curtain is a man divided.

Battle of the doldrums: Bulldogs supporters vs Tigers supporters

By Neil Anderson Everyone has a ‘second team’ and everyone has a team they love to hate. Last Saturday night the stars finally aligned when the Tigers took on the Blue-chippers. The Bulldogs tried and failed to beat the Blues the previous week, so in a perverse, sick and desperate sort of way, I was [Read more]

Must we have a team?

  by Chris Riordan I haven’t minded the BBL. Certainly no TV boycott in our house, though no plans have been built around it. I’ll take it as a regular TV presence rather than the old summer staple of Gary Wilkinson and Allan Stone butchering the tennis every afternoon! Contrary to the marketers’ hype, part [Read more]

The cost of free speech

I can’t remember the exact season, but suspect it was 1993. The game had barely begun when a stick-like bloke a couple of rows in front and a few seats to the left started, and virtually didn’t stop. Every play the Cats made was loudly criticised, and every Cats player demeaned, and all with a [Read more]

Footy exPIEriment

Being a student in the faculty of psychological science, i couldn’t help but try and conduct a small experiment to do with footy. We all know how people react to Collingwood supporters, so i took note of the reactions of my new classmates and lab buddies to see if it effects how they act to [Read more]

Grand Final Nirvana – Celebrity Skin

With Grand Final week looming large, ready yourself for the celebrity footy supporter to come out of hibernation. You know the type. Those that are prominently positioned at one of the front tables at the Grand Final breakfast; proudly garbed-out in their “never soiled by dripping sauce from a Four ‘N’ Twenty” scarf – still [Read more]

Crio’s Q: yo me frio o lo sophlo?

The Clash  voiced a quandary faced by all sports fans at various times…”Should I stay or should I go now?” Channel Ten commentators on Saturday night noted that, despite the breathtaking Geelong clinic taking place, about half of the crowd had left – big trek to Essendon! – before the final siren. I hope that [Read more]

One Flew Out of the Hawk’s Nest

For the first six and a half years of my football life, I struggled year after year to settle on a team that would become an essential part of my sporting life. Family and peer pressure between the ages of one to six can be a daunting and stressful period. My Mother, a Cat; my [Read more]