Almanac Rugby: Heaven Plays On

Brian the Ruminator emerges from a period of Covid quietness to summarise just where rugby union finds itself at this point in time, both here and around the world. He sees cause to be optimistic, even if those dastardly Kiwis continue to be in their usual position – way out in front.

Super Rugby 2020 – Round 7 Ruminations: The Final Roundup

The 2020 Super Rugby competition has been cancelled. Brian the Ruminator ponders what might have been and fears for what might be as we look ahead.

Super Rugby 2020 – Round 6: Ruminations

A third of the way through Super Rugby 2020, Brian the Ruminator updates with Round 6 results, and examines the pace setters in the competition so far.

Super Rugby 2020: Round 2 Ruminations

Brian the Ruminator updates all the latest scores and information from Round 2 of the Super Rugby 2020 competition.