Almanac Memoir: A Mallee Christmas

Hayden Kelly remembers classic Mallee Christmases and the freedom of summer holidays.

Almanac Life: Dawning Realisations

Nicole Kelly has found a way to fit more into her life while rediscovering the simple pleasures of an early morning start – all because of Dash Kelly.

Almanac Life: Summer Trip

Kate Birrell remembers the joys of a summer trip with her family of eight piled snugly in the Ford Fairmont to visit her grandparents in Albury in the 70s.

Almanac (Holiday Cricket) Poetry: Deano and the endless summer

E. regnans remembers summers at the beach when Dean Jones was in his prime. R.I.P. Deano.

Almanac Summer: Simple Lethargic Motion

John Harms writes of summer heat in Oakey, Greek cafes and Physics.

Almanac Summer: Bombs!


Send us your summer photo and we’ll post it.

Almanac Fiction – Daz Cooper Chapter 1: Summer dreams

A summer holiday story from David Wilson; of shifting youthful dreams, the beach, cricket… and her.

Good Things Happen in Yarrawonga

Dips loves Yarrawonga. In this evocative piece he hints at why. [Could be a tennis piece; could be a water-skiing piece; could be an exercise in describing sunsets and other serenities piece – Ed]

The Summer I Know

By Anna Shiel The long awaited season had come into reach. From the lazy holiday sleep-in, the family awake from their sweltered snooze. You throw on some shorts and a loose singlet to head towards the local corner shop. You stroll to the corner shop, well known to your childhood, with the paint dated, defeated [Read more]

The summer I’d been waiting for…

By Eliza Karlson My earphones are in and my iPod is on full blast. The air-conditioner is on high and as I look out the window I can see the mountains forming and can feel the road slowly winding along. The car is packed so full that I can’t see anyone else, as my view [Read more]

Endless Summer

By Caitlyn Kennedy I love summer. I love the feeling of being hot, I love lying on warm concrete, I love diving into cool water, I love the different fruits of the summer, the late nights and the long days on the beach. I love how summer is completely carefree, no rules, no regulations, just [Read more]


  by Madi Pane   To me summer is all about family, Christmas and of course everything revolves around when the cricket is on. Over December and January we always go down to our beach house in Rye and my older cousins come up and stay with us for a while. Every summer brings in [Read more]