Almanac Sports Memoir: Can you recommend any?

Yvette Wroby looks at some recent footy memoirs as she prepares for her gig at the Williamstown Literary Festival.

Almanac Community Responsibility: Remote Area Nurses

Two member of the Almanac community have been outspoken about the serious matter of healthcare in remote communities. Sue Currie through her memoir A Mouthful of Flies, and Anne Myers with her review of Sue’s book and her recent opinion piece in The Guardian. You are encouraged to sign the petition regarding the provision of healthcare to remote communities.

Martin Flanagan on Sue Currie’s book A Mouthful of Flies (from Saturday’s Age)

Martin Flanagan says this is a book more Australians should read.

A Mouthful of Flies

Congratulations to Sue Currie on the publication of her book A Mouthful of Flies, a telling memoir about the life of a nurse (the sole healthcare provider) in a remote Aboriginal community.