Almanac Footy Language: One cliché at a time

The commentators love ’em; we’re somewhat less enthusiastic! Andy Thurlow and Co offer a collection of footy clichés as well as a (belated) introduction to 70s SANFL player Larry Krieg. (This is a slightly abridged version of the original offering posted on the site yesterday. After watching last night’s Doggies v Saints game, and taking on board comments from Swish and Smokie, Andy Thurlow re-submitted this version this morning. – Ed.)

Plastic boots and footballs … a dog’s breakfast

Fifty years ago, two young blokes met in Adelaide and found they had lots of common – except for their choice of footy teams. Could their friendship survive? Here’s the story.

SANFL Elimination Final – Norwood v Sturt: Norwood beat the Elimination Blues

No finals blues yet for Rulebook as he reports on Norwood’s Elimination Final win over Sturt.

Phil Matson: Prince of Coaches

FitzroyPete profiles early twentieth century legendary player/coach Phil Matson of the East Perth Royals. And what a story – an extraordinary player, peerless coach and colourful character all wrapped up in one! Read also of Pete’s plans for a commemorative series on Matson’s premiership successes. (Great reading – Ed.)

SANFL Grand Final – Sturt v Port Adelaide Reserves: There’s the Chikos

Aidan Hammond was part of the half-time parade of junior premiers at the SANFL Grand Final. His dad was very happy.

A Pilgrimage From Zagreb To Adelaide

How can Josip Habljak, of Croatia, come to be training with Sturt? Wesley Hull interviewed Josip on his (incredible) journey.

SANFL Round 10- Sturt v Norwood: Ferreira is a Ferrari

Norwood fan Malcolm “Rulebook” Ashwood witnesses the debut of a young excitement machine in the Redlegs win over Sturt.

Remembering Talent Lost

Wesley Hull ponders the intersection of talent and fate.

SANFL Round 16 – Nostalgia be damned

Dave Brown takes us through Round 16 of the SANFL, via a non-nostalgic look at SA footy in 1990.

AFL Round 9 – North Melbourne v Adelaide: I barrack for Adelaide – sort of

Sturt fan Barry Nicholls finds it hard to connect with the Crows. Wins like that against North Melbourne help.