Supporter stereotypes

We all know Collingwood supporters are criminals, but what other supporter stereotypes are out there? Glen needs your help.

Crio’s Question: Pigeon holes for certain roles

There are plenty of accepted labels – quick bowlers are madmen (Merv Hughes); middle order batsmen are laconic (M.Waugh) – but other sportsmen break the mould (Mike Fitzpatrick wasn’t your stereotypical dumb, crazy ruckman of the era). Who fits the mould, and who broke it?

An open letter to Melbourne fans

Passion can be a good thing in footy. But it can also get you into trouble, as Cheryl Critchley found out when expressing her frustration last week about what was happening at the Melbourne Football Club. In this open letter, she apologises for resorting to stereotypes, but stands by her belief cultural change is needed.