Round 2 – Port Adelaide v Hawthorn: They Said It – Or Did The Data Say It?

Statistics do not always tell the full story, as Anne Cahill Lambert explains in describing the Hawks (surprise?) win over Port

Almanac Footy History – Goals, behinds and points of difference.

Lies, damned lies and statistics. Ken Haley takes to the archives to compare the current day’s game (as far as the VFL/AFL is concerned) with other periods in its rich, storied life. The results may surprise some of you!

The (Renovated) Statistical Premiership Window

The time-honoured Damien Little Premiership Window. So, who wins the flag? This is quite remarkable.

Lies, damned lies and statistical facts jack

In this ever-swirling, curly, whirly, hurly-burly worldy world it is hard enough to find your feet long enough to attend to your laces let alone walk the walk. Times were gravity’s pull kept you sufficiently stationed and storied to know your own business enough to speak your bullshit or whatever. Now, you have to carry [Read more]

Where’s the stat for the split pack?

by Peter Zitterschlager The presentation of Aussie rules players stats has come a long way since the days when they simply tallied up kicks, marks and handballs. From this rudimentary approach, it has evolved to a level of sophistication – one which it is fair to say is nothing short of a science. Possessions are [Read more]