AFL Round 14 – Review: Booing – why?

The Pharmacology College Cup, Magpies v Magpies and Sheedy goes basic: Paul Thomson suggests that the AFL face reality as he wraps up the week in football.

AFL Round 6 – St Kilda v Collingwood: Kosi fan Tutte

Tom Greenaway considers the career of Kosi and shares the frustration we all have – but especially Saints fans. [I suspect this piece will prompt the many theories of Kosi – Ed]

AFL Round 6 – Collingwood v St Kilda: Homebody’s neighbourly duty brings him into the world of the tweet

“As I ease through the back door,” writes E. Regnans, “I immediately clock that my aforementioned life partner is wearing her flannelette pyjamas and it’s not yet 6.30pm. That’s a solid claim to home base.”


In this piece of footy reflection, prompted by two games (and some significant memories), Tom Greenaway creates some perspective for himself.

AFL Round 4 – St Kilda v Essendon: A Spiritual High

The text for Sam’s sermon is taken from various books of the Windy Hill tome.

AFL Round 2 – St Kilda v Richmond: Game of Chess

Andythebeast goes for the chess, M and Ms, and the Saints on his Friday night. His strike rate is one in three.

St Kilda Best and Fairest: Two Elephants in the Room

There’s a lot of preparation that goes into a Best and Fairest.  I am, of course, talking about the shaving of legs, preparation of clothes, planning of transport; make up, hair and nails.  Feeding the dog, making sure the kids take care of themselves, and booking a cab to pick me, and then Rina, up [Read more]

AFL Round 21 – Geelong v St Kilda: Friday Freedom

Friday afternoon. One of my favourite times of the week. When I was teaching it was beers after a flat-out week of Maths and History and organising rugby and basketball training (yes, I coached rugby, and at an accreditation clinic I even packed down with the Queensland scrum. I have had my head in Tony [Read more]

There’s a party happening and we’re not invited

   1. The leaders I just heard Nick Riewoldt on SEN on Saturday morning.  He was up in the coaching box last night at the game, sitting alongside the HULK Eric Bana who was their guest.  Nick said there were a few air punches in the third quarter and the beginning of the last (matching [Read more]

Come on Sainters

So, the last time the Saints played, (against Adelaide a fortnight ago – it seems like a lifetime), I was one grumpy Saints supporter. I was ready to have an uncontrollable rant about the way the boys were playing, the rules of the game, and what I saw to be obvious changes that need to [Read more]

Tiger Terrific

Richmond V St Kilda, Round 10, 3/6/12 It was described as the ‘match of the year’ to this date which perhaps served as an alternative exhilaration for Richmond fans. Their time has finally come, and this time, it is here to stay. Richmond’s’ decade long jinx against St Kilda has finally been dispelled, leaving Richmond [Read more]

A Saint at heart

LENNY HAYES….250 games. What a superstar! It brings tears of pride to my eyes when I think about Lenny. I think it is impossible to truly describe the footballer that he is, the influence he has had over the game of AFL, the influence he has had on the mighty Sainters. He is a beauty, and it was [Read more]

Perplexed, Warburton.

  Never has a club been so blessed in being sacked by its coach as St Kilda in losing Ross Lyon. Two years ago I wrote up a Carlton-St Kilda game for the Almanac.  In 45 years of watching the game I’ve seen some monumental thrashings, but always there’s been a Bobby Skilton, or even [Read more]

Nail biter

Ive bitten my fingers right down. I can barely type this because of the pain. It starts when the game starts. I’m a Carlton supporter. My Dad who I no longer have any contact with was and still is a Hawthorn supporter. I grew up going to watch Hawthorn games right throughout the 80s and [Read more]

Tipping with the head, not the heart

This year I’m in a tipping competition at my mother’s retirement home.  The week-day manager is a bright and energetic woman, a footy nut and has 20 or so people, staff, family and residents, involved, including my mum, sister and I.  Mum just tips who she likes, Denise and I take it a little more [Read more]

The season of a Saints tragic (so far): Rounds 4 and 5

Ross Who? You’d have to live on Mars not to have read any papers, listened to any radio stations or watched any football TV over the last week before the Fremantle-St Kilda game.  What extraordinary hype, what a build up to what was essentially Round 4 football in the 2012 season.  It was all hot [Read more]

The Return of The Ross

  The Return of The Ross David Downer   Weird shit happens at St Kilda v Fremantle games.   Two encounters have even been tagged with monikers more suited to lunchtime tele-movies, or perhaps Kevin Costner latter career stinkers.   The low budget 2006 Tasmanian thriller, Sirengate. And its prelude, the previous year’s cross-Nullabor production, [Read more]

Distant memories

After a morning chocolate binge, my sister and I stroll down to Southern Cross at dusk. I do not feel confident. Who would after a loss to Port? And it could be argued that last year, Gold Coast were a better side than the Power. I had regretfully witnessed the ’09 Grand Final in the [Read more]