VAFA – Fitzroy v St. Bede’s: Roys Pacifying Protagonists

After cutting work to catch the second half of the Fitzroy game on the weekend, Steve managed to avoid the cameras only to post about it on the Almanac. Don’t worry, mate, we won’t dob.

VAFA – Fitzroy v St. Bede’s: The Ligris Henderson Procedure

Phil Hill, a great sport, entertained the crew at the Roys lunch, and then helped get the boys home in a tense game against the highly-fancied St Bede’s at Brunswick Street. Although he loves a dental metaphor, he goes with a medical image here. The Roys are coming. [Great game. Great win. – JTH]

VAFA Premier B – Fitzroy v St Bedes/Mentone: The Lay of the Land

E. Regnans has fallen in love with “Brunswick Street and her Oval” [What a phrase! Masterful, poetic – Ed] And the Fitzroy Football Club. Now he is showing her off to his kids. Terrific account of a wonderful afternoon when the Roys got more than the four points. [A must-read – Ed]

VAFA – Fitzroy v St Bede’s: derrinalphil comes home

A classic match deserves a classicists’ report. Here is the report of I, derrinalphil, just back from Rome, where, from what he reports, he conquered Europe. He brought such hope to Brunswick Street Oval where, feeling at home, he watched the mighty Roys’ victory over the vanquished St Bede’s. [Very entertaining – as the match was – Ed]