Sri Lanka v Australia – 3rd Test, Colombo, Day 3: Sri Lankan Dead Rubber Factory

Honours even after Day 3, but David Wilson reminds us that all is not as it seems in a dead rubber.

Sri Lanka v Australia, 1st Test, Pallekele – Day 1: Frontier psychiatrist

A couple of onlookers take in Day 1 in Sri Lanka. Test cricket has rarely looked so flakey (in the contexts of the match; and of the wider future of the game).

Hussey avoids the finger of blame

  by Darren Dawson The finger of blame could be pointed at Sri Lanka, Australia and the wicket. All were culpable in allowing the Third Test in this hitherto interesting series to peter out into the tamest of draws. In what seemed a reaction to the raging turner produced for the First Test, the home [Read more]

Dawdling Sri Lankans still a chance

I have played in cricket teams which lacked direction. Ones where you sat around the dressing room comparing hangovers, and talking about Friday’s play in the Test match. Then wandered out to bat. Or sauntered out to field. No chat. No plans. No sense of where we were on the ladder. But not many of [Read more]

Dave Goodwin’s dreaming

by Dave Goodwin   I have a dream. An unusual obsession. I want to see Australia play a Test match in each of the ten Test-playing nations. Today I’ve ticked off Sri Lanka.   I’m now six down, four to go. Bangladesh is in my sights. I doubt I’ll make it to South Africa this [Read more]

Looking for a win for the improving Australians

It may not be the Ashes, it’s September in the footy season and cricket certainly doesn’t seem to be at the forefront of many sports fans’ minds. But the Third Test against Sri Lanka starting in Colombo on Friday is very important for the rehabilitation of Australian cricket after the problems of recent times. Michael [Read more]

A Day With Jim

DAY 3 AT KANDY A DAY WITH JIM Many, many of us have listened to the voice of Jim Maxwell from all around the world describing cricket to Australian aficionados.  I sat next to him on day three at the second test in Kandy. The day starts with Jim saying that he will be having [Read more]

Great Scott, Scotty and Marsh too

  Today was just a little too much for me. What with day 2 of the Test, the Cats v Hawks and Adelaide (B&F) all live.  It was a dilemma Fortunately the test did not provide too many highlights from a spectator’s point of view with the exception of the Marsh and Hussey partnership.  The [Read more]

Australians on top in Kandy

DAY 1 AT KANDY Pallekele is a wonderful cricket ground in fact I would go further and say it is one of the most beautiful grounds in the world. A word of warning though.  I hope that they do not build pavilions all the way round the perimeter and so destroy the wonderful views of [Read more]

Aussies Ward off Sri Lanka

  by Andrew Gigacz The inevitability of Australia taking the last five wickets and taking a 1-0 lead against Sri Lanka was delayed by several events.   Firstly by another almost inevitable occurrence, morning rain in Galle, after just a few minutes of play. Mahela Jayawardene and Angelo Mathews had time only to take the [Read more]

Day 3 at Galle; mixed metaphors at the G.

DAY THREE AT GALLE   I often wonder what journalists do when there is no play.  They sit and chat about yesterday’s play and so it was this morning. Strangely there is no music that Marvin Gay wrote about yesterday but the atmosphere is one of happiness which to me epitomises life in Galle.  After [Read more]

Marvin Vaas survives day three

Sri Lanka v Australia First Test Day 3 by Marvin Vaas We’re finally becoming accustomed to the vehicular madness that is the A2 Galle-Colombo road. The journey to the ground hasn’t been without its considerable scares though. Across the road from the Galle market, hundreds gather on the beach wishing to purchase some fresh-off-the-boat Indian [Read more]

An Australian in Galle on Test eve

There is much conjecture among cricket purists here in Galle regarding the makeup of the Australian side, and the predicted behaviour of the pitch. Experience and reliability are important components in the selection conundrum, particularly with regards to the formation of the bowling attack. It’s comforting to know that the recently-published and damning (in many [Read more]