Round 17 – GWS v Richmond: But what is the goal? Or even a goal? How a visit to Spotless inspired a post-modern observation of Australian Football.

I think Ben Fenton-Smith has unleashed a new Almanac genre: the spoof academic essay. But is it spoofed? [If you’ve had anything to do with the life of the mind since the rise of post-modernism and Cultural Studies this will be much more than a match report. The challenge to the primacy of the goal is brilliant – JTH]

Round 17 – GWS v Richmond: The Giants’ last laugh

John Green watches his Tigers take on GWS in Sydney from his lounge room chair. It’s a game of pulses. And the Tiges can’t quite get enough out of their final quarter surge. [Quality match – Ed]

Round 8 – GWS v Collingwood: Road trip

Gill had a road trip to Spotless Stadium for a tour of the stadium and then watched his team grab the win in the final seconds.

Round 8 – GWS v Collingwood: Pacify all the Piessimists (For the Floreat Pica Society by Paul McKay)

Paul McKay battled the Piessimists all week and the Magpies almost got over the line against GWS. And they would have gotten away with it too if weren’t for old man Stevie J.

Finals Week 3 – GWS v Western Bulldogs: History

Kath Presdee and her son Liam attend a part of history, the Giants first Preliminary Final. They are orange. So orange.

The 2016 Charlie Sutton Cup – Finals Week Three

Earl O’Neill weaves another fine strand onto the loom of 2016, with his take on the Preliminary Finals. [Interesting thoughts on the GF – what is the value of motivation? Is 90 per cent of football half mental? – Ed]

Almanac Book Cover 2016: Spotless Stadium

It has orange. Lots and lots of orange. The latest nomination for the cover of the 2016 Footy Almanac book comes from The Philby, who puts forward the jewel of Western Sydney, Spotless Stadium, as being cover worthy.

Round 21- GWS vs West Coast: From The Losing Coach’s Mouth (Leg 1 of a sporting triathlon)

Mick Jeffrey, while in Sydney town, sees the Eagles sneak home over the Giants. Then imagines what was said in the losing team’s room.

Round 16 – Greater Western Sydney v Collingwood: Glad I went (Floreat Pica Society)

Andrea McNamara, in Sydney for this one, provides the insight, words and photos from Spotless Stadium for the Floreat Pica Society.

Round 16 – Greater Western Sydney v Collingwood: Magpie Jacks and the beanstalk

Perched in the Lomond Hotel’s “Juan Carlos Bar,” D Wilson sees the Jacks of Magpies climb the beanstalk of belief and daring to slay the Giants.

Round 14 – GWS Giants v Carlton: Razzle Dazzled

As Gold Coast have shown, it was not a “given” that the AFL’s new franchises would be successful in the short term. John Butler is impressed that the Giants are on the verge of something special so soon.

Round 6 – Greater Western Sydney v Hawthorn: GWS step up, up and away

A sleeping Giant has awaken as the Hawks go flightless

Round 22 – GWS v Carlton: Feeling appreciated

It was Member Appreciation round in the AFL this weekend, and after Saturday’s win against Carlton, GWS foundation member Kath Presdee certainly feels appreciated. [This possibly earns Kath the nomenclature ‘GWS Stalwart’. -Ed]

Round 19 – GWS v Essendon: The Sound of Drums

In arguably Australia’s multicultural heartland, Steve Duffy immerses himself in a celebration of the game’s diversity and gets to celebrate a comprehensive Giants win for good measure.

Round 19 – GWS v Essendon – 15 Things I Learned

Mick Jeffery on the 15 things he learnt from travelling to Spotless Stadium to watch the Giants take on the Bombers.

Round 15 – GWS v St. Kilda: Ain’t No Sunshine but still some Sainter highs

Saints fan Jennifer Muirden was very impressed by the Saints third quarter performance in their loss to the Giants at Spotless Stadium. She was especially impressed with a Maverick Weller goal so she pays tribute to him in song.

Round 12 – GWS v North Melbourne: No Excuses

There can be no excuses in top-level sport. You need to find a way. An under-manned GWS continue to learn the game.

Round 10 – GWS v Brisbane: Winning Ugly is Still Winning

‘A wins a win,’ that’s how GWS fan Steve Duffy described the Giants win over the Lions on Sunday.

Round 8 – GWS v Adelaide: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Stadium

As Crows supporter Dave Brown explains history is forgotten as the Giants beat the Crows by 24 points and the Giants’ eternal sunshine has began.

Round 8 – GWS v Adelaide: Out of the blocks

John Warhurst and his old mate Peter Crossing head up the Hume from Canberra to Sydney to see the Giants jump the Crows and control the match, pretty well, from there on.