The Dying Art of Sporting Conversation

After 3 games at the new Perth Stadium, Peter Baulderstone reviews the fan experience. His Eagles can’t be the only team or sporting stadium where shared participation is being drowned by marketing dross and din.

AFL: Alphabet Soup

Peter Baulderstone loves footy. But he’s confused by all the brands. He shares the AFL’s latest marketing plan. They are keen to receive more suggestions.

Crio’s Question: The ‘fan experience’ – did the earth move for you?

Crio is sick of the hype; the spin; the ‘event’ and the PR hyped ‘fan experience’. He thinks these ‘extras’ should support, and not divert from, the main attraction. Let us know your thoughts.

The greatest trick cricket ever pulled

Sean Curtain invites us to consider the game of cricket and wonders whether ‘fresh eyes’ will help us understand cricket’s current marketing strategy and approach to the game generally.