Sports Archaeology? What lies beneath the pitch…

When did the English start their climb to the top of the limited-overs rankings in cricket? According to this photo, it could have been much earlier than you think!

The Summer that Time Forgot

Peter Baulderstone takes advantage of the Almanac’s recent disappearance from cyber-space to suggest that sports history should really have ceased last September. You know it makes sense.

Footy Spirits and ‘Palmhenge’

Harold Peacock brings out the history in the “everyday”. Visit his blog for more insights like this one.

The greatest trick cricket ever pulled

Sean Curtain invites us to consider the game of cricket and wonders whether ‘fresh eyes’ will help us understand cricket’s current marketing strategy and approach to the game generally.

Picture research- what is involved

By Roy Hay Last week Les Shorrock, the doyen of Victorian football (soccer) photographers, who worked for Soccer Action and the Age among others, sent me a copy of a picture from his files that he was unable to identify. It showed five players in action, three from one club and two from another. It [Read more]

How Lost Was My Archive?

NEW NARRATIVE POSSIBILITIES IN AUSTRALIAN FOOTBALL HISTORIES The recent developments in the digitization of library archives have profoundly affected the researching of sport history in Australia and beyond. Some images, facts and data once buried are now easily accessible via simple on-line searches. We no longer need to trust the factual accuracy of the Turners, [Read more]