Almanac Footy History: South’s shining star – the story of Bruce Sloss

Bruce Sloss is a name not many VFL/AFL supporters would know, but a century ago he was a star of the game. In this brilliantly researched piece, Roger Spaull tells the glorious and tragic tale of footballer-soldier Lieutenant Sloss.

Almanac Life: Elbow Dancing

During this time of Covid-19 and ‘elbow bumping’, has resulted in Peter Robertson reflecting on the symbolism and power of the handshake.

Almanac Footy History: Drawn grand finals – so what happened next?

Sean Mortell is our Peter Stirk Scholar. He has chosen an interesting topic to pursue as a major feature – in the case of drawn VFL/AFL grand finals, how have the protagonists responded? He considers the three examples.

Almanac Travel: Out-of-Bounds

Whilst recently on tour, Peter Robertson got to thinking about walls, and sport’s ability to break them down.

Almanac Mongolian Life: Four minutes which changed a nation

Mongolia was in the deep throes of a political crisis in 2008. Max Wiggins deftly describes the impact that Neidan Tuvshinbayar’s maiden Olympic gold medal for his country in judo healed all tensions for the developing nation. [Great to have you back Max – Ed]

Amateur Boxing: Twenty-four hours in Bundaberg

Luke Stegemann ventured to Bundaberg for a day of boxing with controversy, passionate locals and a late road trip home.

Yoshi’s Perception of Sport and Art

The Footy Almanac’s Northern Japan correspondant, Yoshi Imagawa, compares sport and art. A thought provoking piece from the Sapporo scribe.

The Sporting-Industrial Complex

The current performance enhancing drugs controversy should be the “canary in the coalmine” to tell us that there are some things rotten in the culture, value and ethics of modern professional sport.

Ode to the Fat Boy

Ode to the Fat Boy. Some sad news came to me recently. A friend from my sporting past had left us after a long illness. I had lost touch with him, and whilst I knew of the illness the finality of it all shocked me. I passed on the news to my brother up north [Read more]


Hey lads, thought people would like to really know what it is like around the Rockhampton region as it does flood. Especially important for the sporting precincts in the area as well that some may or may not know. We are still waiting for the peak, but it’s now at a level where the roads [Read more]