Special Olympics – Swimming: Please Let Me Win

With the Paralympics own it’s timely to return to an Almanac Classic…

Kate’s sporting kite crashed at the Special Olympics Victorian State Games on Saturday, but Dips helping out at the games, says, his daughter can learn from her experience and recover from her loss to once again fly her kite high. [If you do nothing else today, read this – JTH]

A Conversation With Eddie

Dips encountered logic in a Hawks v cats conversation with Eddie that is priceless

A Fly in the Pool

A moving piece from Dips O’Donnell about triumph and struggle and his daughter Kate.

A Rescue Mission

Dips shares some unique insights into the challenges of parenting and the vital role sport can play for all in the community. Please read and see if you can help play a role too.

Very Special

Dips O’Donnell shares an inspiring piece about his daughter Kate’s swimming at the Asia Pacific Games for the Special Olympics. “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

Swim Like a Fish, Katie!

We have followed Katie O’Donnell’s swimming career. Here is a letter to Katie from her Dad on the announcement of some fantastic news.

Kate wins Gold !

Kate O’Donnell is counting her medals as she reports on a successful weekend at the Special Olympics.

Special Olympics: Kate’s story

Kate O’Donnell has taken to the water like her dad, Dips, took to the track. She shares her story about the upcoming Special Olympics Victorian State Games.

Swimming For Life

Sometimes sport can surprise you in an unexpected way. It can catch you off guard and make you reassess. But perhaps it’s not the sport so much as it is the participants. Last Sunday I was at a swimming carnival. It was held at the Doug Ellis Pool on the grounds of Monash University in [Read more]