Sausage Roll Review: Tanunda Bakery and Café – Howzat

Cricket, cricket everywhere, but nary a conversation to be had between Mickey Randall and his parents. En route to the Barossa with a local Test to be played a sausage roll fit for review was sought from Tanunda.

Almanac Music: Key Grip at the Murray Delta Juke Joint

Some magic blues-tinged tunes from Key Grip had Peter Crossing enthralled at the Murray Delta Juke Joint in Goolwa.

Almanac Life: The South Australian Wine Safari

What better way to spend the Easter break than on a road trip through South Australia’s wine regions? Sal takes us along on an epic journey

KG Cunningham: South Australian Sporting Legend

Rulebook returns with a profile of South Australian legend KG Cunningham, cricketer, footy umpire and broadcaster extraordinaire.

Almanac Footy – SA v Victoria: Cup Day Canter for the Vics (1970)

This 1970 state game went according to the usual SA v Victoria script, but the curtain-raiser contained an intriguing team of Indigenous schoolboys from the Northern Territory.

Almanac Life: Elizabeth South Shops 1966-1976

Swish harks back to a simpler time in his childhood ‘hood of Elizabeth South, when there were local shops run by local people. Featuring smokes, double-cut rolls, offal, more smokes, Amscol Footy Colours and the occasional Strepsil. [A must-read for lovers of everyday life anywhere, with many memories of 60s and 70s life – JTH]

Five things you may have forgotten (or don’t know) about Shannon Hurn

A timely and tongue-in-cheek refresher about the sometimes under-the-radar Eagles backline marvel Shannon Hurn from John Gordon.

Almanac History: Yahl – South Australia

Ever heard of Yahl, South Australia? In this Friday’s column, KD writes about the place and its close connection to the German branch of his family history.

Almanac Footy – SAPSASA Football Team 1973: Robert Simpson

Robert Simpson was selected for the SA Primary Schools footy side in 1973. He wants to find out who else was in this team photo. Can you help?

Almanac Beer Review: Prancing Pony and Smiling Samoyed at the Normanville pub

A kaleidoscopic spread of brews crossed the paths of Mickey Randall and Co. at Normanville’s historic pub; some were more palatable than others.

Almanac Poetry: Semaphore, Adelaide

Some places feel haunted by the past. In this week’s poem, Kevin Densley deals with one such location.

The Footy Almanac 2007 Round 12 – Port Adelaide v Essendon: Aggression beats Hird’s final Football Park hurrah

Port Adelaide rectified their form in season 2007 with a nervy win over Essendon. John Kingsmill watched the game from the stands, and objected to the way the Power faithful treated James Hird.

Almanac Obituaries: Colin Churchett

Colin Churchett, best known as a post-war Glenelg full forward, passed away in 2012. Mike Sexton paid tribute to him. (Reprised)

The Footy Almanac 2007 Round 8 – Adelaide v Richmond: Falling into the trap of tempo footy

John Kingsmill ventured down to AAMI Park in Round 8, 2007, expecting to see Adelaide make light work of the Tigers. But he was surprised (and dismayed) by the tactics of the home side in a lethargic display of football.

Blindsided: a conversation overheard in a socially-distanced Adelaide meeting room

Dave Brown must have been hiding behind a strategically place pot plant (read that however you want to) when this conversation was held earlier today.

SA’s Lost Video Treasures – Vol 2: BetaMax

Swish has opened that other box of SA themed videos. Maybe he shouldn’t have. [But we’re glad he did – Ed].

SA’s Lost Video Treasures

Swish’s recent clean up revealed a host of SA video history that was thought to have been forever lost or otherwise disposed of. Have you seen any of these before? [Swish really is the cultural historian SA deserves. This is brilliant – JTH]

Footy Park: farewell or good riddance?

As the final grandstands are demolished at Football Park, Dave Brown remembers the good and bad times, the SANFL Grand Finals, Modra, McLeod, chicken salt and the tarps at West Lakes. What are your memories of Football Park?

Almanac Book Review: Adelaide Sporting Sites by Bernard Whimpress, Santo Caruso and individual contributors

Bernard Whimpress, Santo Caruso and a band of contributors have compiled a history of Adelaide sporting sites. Peter Crossing reviews a book he finds rich in detail and historical knowledge.

SANFL – 140 years of football in South Australia Exhibition

The SANFL through its History Committee and in conjunction with the State Library of South Australia is holding a major exhibition to commemorate 140 years of football in South Australia.