Third Test – Day 4: Don’t dream. It’s Over.

Smokie Dawson suffered nightmares of being locked in the Channel 9 commentary box the night before the fourth day of the Test. Worse was to come.

Third Test – Day 4: Nightmare

Day 4 at the WACA was a nightmare for the Australian team and Colin Ritchie.

Third Test – Day 3: Tasmania is on fire

Tasmania is on fire: Australia is not is the message from ABC radio. We constantly cross between the WACA and Hobart for updates on each of the potentially catastrophic events at distant sides of the country.

Third Test – Day 2: Ricky and me

The bowling selections which seemed so brilliant on the opening day seem decidedly lacking in this second innings, says Susie Giese.

Third Test – Day 2: Tourists score at will against flat Aussies

Australia needs early wickets today but Luke Reynolds says it doesn’t have the attack to do it.

Third Test – Preview: A Climax in Act One?

How much will Australia be spurred by Punter’s last hurrah? What has the man himself got left in the tank?

Second Test – Day 5: Moment please

After an absorbing five days in Adelaide, Dips O’Donnell wonders how captivating this series may have been had it been played across five Tests.

Crio’s Question: When sportsmen are “spent”

Du Plessis cramping and Siddle doubled over may well be the enduring images from the Adelaide Test.There’s something inspiring at seeing a person search for their full potential – “leaving it all on the field”. Who has some mental imprints to share?

Second Test – Day 1: Warner, Warner, Cow Corner!

“Give me strength, ABC Grandstand,” says Stephen Cooke on a long drive home from northern Victoria.

Second Test – Day 2: Don’t fret Imran, it happens to the best of us

In an open letter to Imran Tahir, Stephen Cooke tells the South African spinner to keep his chin up, after all, every cricketer has had a day like it.

Second Test – Day 1: Run feast

Andrew Starkie says Clarke is Australia’s best batsman and therefore should move to number 3. Discuss.

First Test – Day 5: Clarke’s rubber

Round 1 of test cricket’s championship bout took a rather odd, scenic route that ultimately saw the Aussies confound the hastily convened critics (I was one) and emerge a moral points victor.

The secret behind Washington Park’s favourite son

The story of Washington Park Sharks alumni Rob Quiney could be straight from a classic Boys Own Annual, says Ramonn Dobb.

First Test – Day 4: Milestones

It was a day of milestones for Gigs and the Australian cricket team on the fourth day at the Gabba.

First Test – Day 3: Campaign teeters on brink if Cowan and Clarke fail

As the series continues one can only hope that our current players, and those who stand in waiting, gain experience from the quality of competition they currently compete against, says Phantom.

The Middle Australia Report: Meckiff wasn’t a chucker

The Middle Australia Report believes the much maligned left armer from Mentone, Ian Meckiff, may not have been a chucker after all.

South Africa v Shane Warne

  by Matthew O’Connor Unfortunately for South Africa, its return to the Test Cricket fold in 1993 coincided with the rise and rise of Liz Hurley’s fiancée. But more of that later. To a 27yo Test Cricket following nut, the return of South Africa was a gift to be savoured. A whole box of new [Read more]