The Osaka Dingoes to host the IMPACT Invitational Cup in July

The Australian Football IMPACT Invitational is being held in Kobe on 7th July, featuring teams from Indonesia, Singapore and Japan. Yoshi provides the details.

An Australian game in Jakarta

Alex Darling tells the story of the Jakarta Bintangs.

Singapore and Me

Mickey Randall and family are coming home to Australia. It makes him reflect.

Quinella Holiday: Singapore Races

Mickey Randall’s overseas odyssey takes him to the horse races in Singapore where the amber fluid flows. More shopping mall than Morphettville when Black Caviar won the Goodwood.

A Footy Almanac Yarn about Writing Footy Almanac Yarns

“Singapore’s only no repeat work day;” Words that could only be found in a Mickey Randall yarn for the Footy Almanac. From downtown Singapore, the day when Mickey heads back to the Adelaide Oval via Glenelg looms. Go Tiges!

AFL Round 3 – Adelaide v Sydney: Danger in Dallas

From his seat in the Dallas bar, with a Singaporean rainstorm around him, Mickey Randall watches his beloved Crows in a “memorable match, made miserable.”

Footy’s other hemisphere

Singapore’s Boomarang Bar is one of those Australian themed-pubs that is both brilliant and dreadful. Mickey Randall watched his Crows take on the Hawks in last year’s preliminary final.