Ashes: Skool Trip Repawt from Lawdz

Shane may have failed the allocated assignment, but that hasn’t stopped him from having his say.

Second Test – Day 2: Golf anyone?

Matt O’Connor, who was full of hope, briefly, recalls the shambles of Lord’s and prepares for an afternoon of Collingwood and an evening of golf.

Second Test – Day 2: One hundred and twenty bloody eight!

Dips refuses to believe that in this wide, brown land of ours, this land of sweeping plains, that we can’t find a group of grown men who can make more than 128 runs in a cricket inning.

What the hell just happened? (or Welcome to Cliche-ville)

Watson to open; Federer and Nadal bundled out of Wimbledon; K-Rudd – Can anyone help Sean Curtain work out what in tarnation is going on?

Where have you gone Australian leadership, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you

We have a cricket team led by Watson and a country led by Gillard. In the words of Marvin Gaye (no, not that bit about needing sexual healing), “What’s going on?”

An early Easter miracle: the potential (and frightening) resurrection of Shane Watson

Maybe it is the impending arrival of Easter, however the death and resurrection of Shane Watson in the last week has been one of truly miraculous proportions.

India – the undisciplined story

A leaked email has revealed the extent of recent fines coach Mickey Arthur has slapped on the Australian side.

Down wiv Skool – my letta to Selektaz

Watto tells his side of the story.

A big couple of days in sport

Sal Ciardulli has a few things to say about footy and cricket and gives us a quaddie for C.F.Orr Stakes Day

Second Test – Day 2: Real Time Cricket

Andrew Else was at the G, watching Clarke and Watto doing their Arjuna Ranatunga impersonation – smashing fours or walking singles. Then he was distracted by a curious bit of by-play in the ABC commentary box.

Watson as Captain? Give me a break, we have jumped the shark

Sean Curtain is begging you. Don’t give the rumours that Watson could captain Australia in Clarke’s absence any air lest they actually come true. (And what more does Hussey have to do?)

First Test – Day 4: Marvin Vaas dons the white shorts

Marvin Vaas has travelled to Tasmania where he is bemused and befuddled by Watto who was either stumped or run out by 20 yards on a day when Australia maintained control.

Third Test – Preview: Too tough to pick

Some thoughts on Perth. Watto’s back so the Most Run Outs: Australia market is looking very attractive.

What to do with Watson?

Shane Watson is out injured on the eve of a big Test series. Again. Luke Reynolds has the answer.