Almanac Footy: Mental Health and Wellbeing with Dr Ben Robbins and Dermott Brereton

Former AFL player, Dr Ben Robbins discusses mental health and wellbeing issues in sport with Dermott Brereton on SEN Radio.

Purpose of the NAB Challenge Cup

After witnessing the pre-season ‘spectacle’ that was Richmond v Port Adelaide our Japan correspondent, Yoshi, adds some common sense to the discussion

SEN 1116 – Are We Being Served?

‘Swish’ Schwerdt has been good enough to join us (thanks Andy), and asks if you find SEN Sports Radio informative or annoying? Let us know your brickbats and bouquets.

Masters Golf and Justice

Michael Viljoen, a Masters veteran, follows the tournament via radio from Cameroon. In this delightfully -paced philosophical piece, Michael contemplates the nature of the tournament, and the place of fate in making sense of the world.