Ashes 2015 – Second Test and Day 3 of The Open: Analysis, Banter and Memory

Thoughts on Day 4 of the cricket and Day 3 of the golf?

Second Test, Pakistan v Australia (Abu Dhabi) – Day 1: Younis, Younis, Younus?

Luke Reynolds tells the story of Sheikh Zayed Stadium (“more Football Park than Adelaide Oval”) on Day 1. Ideas and attempts were many, but so were Pakistan’s runs.

Second Test, Pakistan v Australia (Abu Dhabi) – Day 1: Same old, same old

Rulebook reports on a bleak Day 1 from Abu Dhabi (and takes the chance to get a few things off his chest).

Second Test – Day 4: Rooted

Australia was shown up by a 22 year old batsman who displayed everything the visiting batsmen lack.

Second Test: Atrocious

Andy is aghast at Australia’s capitulation in the second test. He’s not alone.

Second Test – Day 5: Moment please

After an absorbing five days in Adelaide, Dips O’Donnell wonders how captivating this series may have been had it been played across five Tests.

Second Test – Day 4: Test cricket in all its constructive glory

Rob McLean asks, in what other sport do you have the chance to socialise but still keep in touch with what’s happening on the field whilst not paying complete attention?