Season highlights Although compared to the (now) halcyon days of 2007-2009 and the Grand Finals that went with those years, 2010 was still an overall success with many highlights.  The Cats found an oldie but a newie and KP goodie in James Podsiadly and unearthed a batch of talented youngsters who, if developed in the [Read more]

I guess thats why they call them the Blues

The Blues had a season that promised so much initially, faltered hopelessly midyear only to lift once more in the last few weeks before toppling into the season’s abyss in the first week of the finals in a gut wrenching loss to the Swans. Season highlights There was a lot to like in the first [Read more]


The story is far from gloomy at Punt Road.  Walking from the ground after the Round XXII loss to Port Adelaide the Long Suffering Punt Road Faithful were in full throat as they punched the air to cries of Yellow & Black.  The Tiger Army was on the move again. We started off as the [Read more]

Collingwood 2010 – “Moving Forward”

At the start of season 2010 I was a little concerned about the Pies. Not about the playing stocks which seemed promising but the departure by some club officials, president, captain and ex-players from the well-worn and time-tested football clichés that we have all come to depend upon. The life blood of any football club [Read more]

2010 Season Summary In Brief

Season Highlights: James Podsiadly and Michael Barlow’s fairytale debut seasons. Season Lowlight: Travis Tuck proving that recreational drugs are still a part of Aussie Rules.    Collingwood’s resurgence is up there too. Improvers: Impossible to go past Jumpin’ Jack Flash, but Mark Jamar comes a close second.

Richmond 2010: The Season That Was

Season highlights For a 15th placed team – plenty.  Most must be seen in the context of the overall highlight which was that the Tigers did significantly better than most pundits expected. In no particular order: An outstanding first year from the new coach, both in terms of progress with the young team and general [Read more]