Crio’s Q?

Crio sets the Almanacker community another challenge. Who will be a soothsayer? [Great question, Crio. Interested in the response – Ed]

There’s nothing like a prediction to get people talking

  by Andrew Weiss So the NAB Cup has finished and everyone is looking forward to the start of the season kicking off on Saturday night with a real blockbuster to start the year off, that being the Coathanger clash (well that’s what I am calling it) where the new boys in town the Giants [Read more]

Season Preview 2011

By Lachlan Walmsley I know many of you have been looking forward to this like Thomas Muster looks forward to clay court season and blondes. Firstly remember that the season preview is prepared on the absurd notion that no sides get injuries. To illustrate this point, if Brendon Goddard or Joel Selwood play all year, [Read more]

2011 AFL Crystal Ball

By Domenic Favata Yes the NAB cup’s only just begun, yes some might say that it’s too early to call and yes some people will call me ridicule my projections. But the AFL season is near, its time to put our serious hats on and think about the long haul. Whether they are ambitious (like [Read more]