Almanac Teams: In Two Minds (1980-)

We’ve had his top side in Number 2s, now Rodney Boyd shares his cult heroes and generally interesting names who played wearing the number in the past 40 years.

Yoshi – My response to Scott Watters on Herald Sun’s Sacked Podcast

Yoshi takes exception to negative commentary on his beloved St Kilda. He also has a distinct preference when it comes to Melbourne newspapers!

Alan Richardson’s Shocking Resignation

Yoshi was blind-sided by the resignation of St Kilda’s Alan Richardson and feels sorry for the fallen coach. From far-away Japan, he offers his thoughts on the best way for the club to move on. (You can almost feel Yoshi’s angst – Ed.)

Almanac Teams: How good are these Scotts ?

How good is this team? Phil Dimitriadis captures the spirit of the moment.

Round 3 – Fremantle v St Kilda: Only Staying Positive is the Key for Footy

Yoshi faces challenges in his support for his beloved Saints as they hit a road bump in Fremantle. Life generally is also a challenge but he must keep strong in both cases.

AFL Round 20 – St.Kilda v Hawthorn: Listening to our inner Scotty

The Saints are in good hands with Scott Watters, says Yvette Wroby.

Are Saints fans still happy?

I’ve been thinking about Scott Rankin of late. Scott penned this classic piece for the site in May after the Saints had posted wins over Carlton and Sydney with some electrifying football. He described the win over Sydney as “exquisite chaos”. “It was EXHILIRATING football. We played with flair, speed, guile and fervour.” You would [Read more]

Loose men everywhere

My uncle Bob uttered these words after North Melbourne kicked two quick goals at the Docklands last night and declared their intent; they were there to win.  That’s what it felt like, that in a moment, North possessed the ball, the ground, the universe and the Saints boys were left chasing. Fatigued and aging and [Read more]

A love affair rekindled

By Scott Rankin At times it had seemed to be the headiest of love affairs. Grand final appearances, a ‘minor premiership’ (what psychopath coined that phrase?) and 18-zip starts to seasons can do that to a man. As can Ross Lyon’s endearing, laconic style. He rang me one day. It was mid week in the [Read more]

What about the footy?!

  Scanning the pages of this lovely website I begin to think that while you have all gone cricket mad (I now know what a golden duck is lol) the tennis, Australian Open was kinda ignored and umm…there’s this other thing called FOOTY…. Where were the Federer pieces?  (Don’t go there Gigs! Lol) Sure he [Read more]

Dawn and those mad Sainters

by Yvette Wroby There’s no shortage of crazies at the St.Kilda Football Club.  This was proven when 1000+ Saints fans and members rocked up to the St.Kilda Beach front at 5 am Tuesday 8th November for an advertising shoot for 2012 Membership Drive.  At 6.30 am, another group was waiting at Frankston beach, and at [Read more]

Scott Watters as the new messiah and dreams of old messiahs.

There’s a new boy in St.Kilda town (sans Moorabbin, sansSeaford) and his name is Scott Watters.  For the last two years he has ably assisted Mick Malthouse (and beaten St.Kilda) so at least he has some experience of us.  Albeit from the other side. Readingthe online ABC news, Watters is 42 (a babe as is the [Read more]