Almanac Teams: How good are these Scotts ?

How good is this team? Phil Dimitriadis captures the spirit of the moment.

Round 6: Competition is close with some unpredictable results so far. Sal’s predictions for this weekend. 

Sal laments his team is in the doldrums but for the most part the competition it is pretty close with some unpredictable results.  Some concern though about the lack of scoring and how easy it is to be defensive.  Let’s see what this week brings as Sal presents his predictions.

Fearless 2017 Round 19 – The one and only Vinny Catoggio Multicultural Round

Another round resulted in some cracking close games and upsets. Fearless has all of the Round 19 covered.

Round 11 Preview – The Fight for Fair

Sal previews Round 11 that kicks off tonight with a clash between Port Adelaide and Hawthorn. Looks like it will be an exciting round of football.

Grand Final Preview: Sal’s predictions, and thoughts about other sports as well.

For all thoughts in football, cricket, rugby, and horseracing, Sal has all the tips for you.

Danger Geelong

Lee Carney takes the microscope to Geelong’s recent trades and sees high risk where many others haven’t. [Thought-provoking analysis – Ed]

2005 – The (Almost) All Australian SSA Team: Capital Punishment

A decade ago, Canberra was the scene of the SSA 15/Under carnival. See Trent Cotchin back when he used to kick the ball towards the goals, a rookie Cat Ranga who wasn’t Lingy and a pair of injury prone Lions.