How Corona Virus Has Divided A Country

With the selfishness and ‘every person for them selves’ attitude displayed during Covid 19, Shannon Cole wonders what happened to the concern and generosity displayed by Australians during the recent bushfires.

On Fires and Fairness

In his thought-provoking article, Edward P. Olsen wrestles with the emotion and angst provoked by the recent bushfires, wondering about the fairness for those affected, and the dilemmas confronting those wishing to make appropriate responses.

Almanac Desert Island – What’s next?

The Almanac Desert island can be a lonely place. Some company would be nice. So if it could magically happen, who’d you like for company on the island?

Richard Flanagan: Tasmania is burning (link to Guardian)

For those who have yet to discover Richard Flanagan’s powerful piece on power, climate change and leaders who lack depth and substance here is a link to it in the Guardian.