Top 15 VFL/AFL Full-Forwards of the Last 40 years: 1975-2014

Controversial, fearless, well-informed and exhaustive. Philip Mendes and Lucas Lewit-Mendes list their greatest full-forwards of the ‘modern’ VFL/AFL era.

Man-crushin’ LOVE

We all have our favourites or as you lot might say ‘man-crushes’ and it would take a pretty special player to replace that sort of favourite wouldn’t it? He’d probably have to be invincible. The type that can run through a brick wall and come out the other end without a scratch, fly higher than [Read more]

Sav Rocca – my childhood hero

Unable to sleep in bed at 2:30am is a good time for me to be having a nice scan of the sports section in the Herald Sun website. A familiar face catches my eye. It is the face of my childhood hero, Sav Rocca. Growing up and watching Collingwood, Sav was my everything. Being too [Read more]